How to change background color in AutoCAD?

The default background color is white when you create a new drawing in AutoCAD. You can, however, change the background of your drawings to any other solid color. Follow these steps:

How to change background color in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD provides many solid colors for you to choose from as the background color for your drawings. You can view these colors by going to the Display tab, and at the bottom of the Colors panel, click the switch for Background color.

To change the background color, you can use any one of these colors or choose any other solid color from AcDbEntity.msl and AcdbPalette.msl.

  • Right-click and choose Properties. The Drawing Properties – Background dialog box will open.
  • Click on the color you want.
  • Cose both dialog boxes to accept your changes.

The background colors you can choose from in the Drawing Properties – Background dialog box are red, green, blue, yellow, and white. To change the background color of your drawing to light or dark gray, click the swatch for Background Color, or right-click and choose Properties.


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