Author: Jaimy Hill

  • FreeCAD vs Inventor Autodesk: Which CAD Software is the Best?

    Every day new stylish, creative, and innovative design products are introduced in the market. For constructing even the smallest piece of design, you will need some specially crafted software, this is where FreeCAD and Inventor Autodesk come into play. But what is the difference between this two modeling software? Architects ask themselves this question as […]

  • How to change background color in AutoCAD?

    The default background color is white when you create a new drawing in AutoCAD. You can, however, change the background of your drawings to any other solid color. Follow these steps: How to change background color in AutoCAD? AutoCAD provides many solid colors for you to choose from as the background color for your drawings. […]

  • Breaking / Splitting a Line in AutoCAD

    How to break a line in AutoCAD? Open the Home & expand the DRAW panel. Click on the DIVIDE tool. Click on the line, spline, circle, polyline or circle you wish to break. Enter the number of intervals at which you would like to break your object. Is there a break line command in AutoCAD? […]

  • Welcome to!

    This is my new site: CADFuel. On this site I will cover everything related to AutoCAD software, but also alternatives. I will include: CAD Courses CAD Software CAD Books My first post will be about the best free AutoCAD Alternatives!